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Blacks' Myths is a duo from Washington, DC comprised of Luke Stewart on bass and Warren G. "Trae" Crudup III on drums. The g

Two of DC's most active and versatile musicians, Stewart and Crudup build symbiotic rhythmic pieces by locking into something both hypnotic and free. Their collaboration is redefining the rhythm section by dismantling its tropes and injecting unpredictability as well as a sense of vibrancy and freedom. The group's debut, Blacks' Myths (Atlantic Rhythms, 2018), established a space for ambience and eruption, building hypnotic rhythmic structures and exploratory soundscapes.

"On Black Myths, Stewart and Crudup craft evocative, Afro-futuristic grooves, frequently disrupted by eruptions of feedback dissonance or languid soundscapes." -- Down Beat Magazine

Blacks' Myths

Luke Stewart - Electric Bass Guitar, Electronics, No Input Mixing Board on (The Big House, Alter Destiny, The Gideon)

Warren Crudup, III - Drums

Dr. Thomas "Bushmeat" Stanley - Words (The Big House, Alter Destiny, Pre Mythstory #4, The Gideon)

Cedar and Lu - Words (The Gideon)

Recorded and Mixed by Craig Bowen
Mastered by Mickey Freeland